PVC Tubing

PVC tubes for medical applications.

PVC is the thermoplastic material most widely used in medical devices, because it is:

  • Safe, stable and chemically inert.
  • Versatile and easily transformed into the required item.
  • Usable inside the body.
  • Easily sterilized.
  • Excellent Cost – efficiency.
  • Transparent or opaque.
  • Flexible or rigid.
  • Easy to assemble between parties to obtain, for instance, blood transfusion sets, which do not cracks or lose their contents.
PVC tubing in automotive market:
  • Isolating sleeves, noise reduction or cable protection.

Product Range:

• Crystal Clear
• Satin
• Striated
• Different hardness
• Special non-toxic tubes probes, catheters, blood lines etc..
•Tubes Radiopaque lines with two or more inner holes.


Produced under the client specifications, we may supply:

  • Coils
  • Bobins
  • Cut and packed in hermetically sealed bags.
Technical Features:
  • In the use of plastic in direct contact with the tissues or blood of patients, it is essential a high degree of compatibility. PVC is characterized by high biocompatibility.
  • Tubes manufactured in certified clean room free of particles.
  • Products for medical applications, pharmaceutical or requiring special manufacturing in clean room, free of particles.
  • Covers tubes, fittings, small pipes, micro-cases, etc.

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